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It's incredible how a kick your butt yoga class, a talk with a wonderful friend about courage and a book on Buddhism all in a week can make you question your direction in your art, but sometimes that happens. And it did to me, last week. It all started with that yoga class. Afterwards I mentioned to the instructor, a dear friend, that I have a really hard time with the balance poses (am I alone here?!). He said it all boils down to one word, fear. True, very true. I am proud to say I did manage to do a handstand on the wall that day.
Glow and Fade, wax and watercolor on scrim, 16" x 16" each, 2009.
I've been spending a few moments every day looking at the bigger picture of how all of my work relates to each other. What is missing from my current work and what work has fulfilled me in the past. I realized haven't shared any of my Open series which was my transition into fiber a few years ago.
Open Series, 2009
The Open series and the pojagi I've made keep nagging at me and I think this is how to proceed with the Foreclosure Boro. I'm exploring the idea of these neighborhoods becoming ghost towns, hence the translucency. I'm not sure how it will evolve but I'm looking forward to the challenge. See more detailed images of the Open series here.


Kitty Kilian said...

Hey, was I the one to talk about courage with? I was expecting someone else ;-)

So what is missing from your foreclosure series to your idea? May be you are looking for more variety, because there is a lot of that in the Open series?

The only way forward is to experiment and make small scale models first because the whole quilts are so much work, right?

Well what we spectators are missing here is a big picture.. you are only showing us little pieces! Anyway, that's probably for the best because you need to figure this out all by yourself, that is part of the fun!

You can do it for sure!

WSAKE said...

I like this series very much - these colours, just amazing!

Lari Washburn said...

Oh these are so beautiful K. Thanks for showing them!


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