Artist : Paula Leen

I came across Paula Leen's work a few years ago in one of my numerous design mags I'm addicted to. It was her converted barn in Friesland, Netherlands that first caught my eye. 
Vogue Living article, Nov/Dec 2008.
But once I realized all that amazing fiber art throughout her home was hers, I knew I needed to dig up more on her. What is it about you Netherlanders these days? I'm just loving the work coming out of your country!

She is one of those rare people who breathes, eats, and lives her art every day. Her pieces are the most beautiful functional artworks I've come across.

Her wool is sourced locally and back in 2008 when I read the interview, she had hopes of raising sheep herself.

She makes throws, wall hangings, rugs, lampshades, cushions, etc. You name a home product and she's made an amazing interpretation of it.

Read an interview with Paula here, see her website here and buy her work here. I have no idea how much her wares cost but I suspect it's a pretty penny ... and it's worth it!


Kitty Kilian said...

Hm.. no prices at all on her website. I have never heard of her!

Lari Washburn said...

Wow...I am drooling! And I also tried to check out prices but did not find. But that won't stop me. Thank you Kathryn for a myriad of good links. I could be kept busy for the rest of the day if I didn't have actual work to be done.

Patty said...

Woh. Love love her work! There all sorts of beauty coming from the Netherlands. Thanks for featuring her!

Sophie Truong said...



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