Recent work : Button up

I'm back after a few days of feeling under the weather! It's good to feel better again but I missed spending time in the studio and working in the evenings on my smaller projects. Last week I finished the work in progress I shared called Button up. I even managed to photograph it last week so this is an easy post for me today. Here it is!

Button up, 2010. 12" x 16" buttons on linen.
I used a technique from The Art of Manipulating Fabric called keyhole contoured tucks. Sounds complicated, no? Actually it looked that way but once I made it, I realized how easy it was. But, you have to make a mock up with paper first to understand how it comes together otherwise you can waste a lot of fabric.

I think I stole the circle template from my dad's desk years ago. Thanks, dad! If he ever came into my studio he'd be shocked at how much of his I've appropriated.

Button up detail, 2010. 12" x 16" button on linen.
I found these amazing little buttons on the etsy site I shared recently that sells the Blackwork book I featured. You can create the alphabet as you sew, hence the U - P. I couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

How cute! The buttons make it even more fabulous!

Kitty Kilian said...

Now why did I not think of making such buttons! Of all the good ideas we don't have.. Do you sew your own clothes BTW?

kathrynclark said...

I'm actually making my first piece of clothing, a dress for Zoe. But the bug is itching me!

Victoria said...

very cool!!


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