Layers : Square off

I feel like it's been too long since I've been near my computer! Thanks everyone for your support for Open Studios. It was a wet weekend but it was a successful weekend after all. I met some wonderful supporters and even sold some of my latest Idiom series.

Now it's back to the everyday routine! Here is the latest in the layers collaboration, Square off. See what my fellow collaborators (wsake, threebysea and Inklore) are doing on our group Flikr page. I really missed working with wood models from those architecture days.
04. Square off, 2010. 8"x8". Embroidery, linen and wood.

04. Square off, side view, 2010. 8"x8"

04. Square off, detail of embroidery.
We'll see what comes next! I'm starting to feel more comfortable working in 3D and have some ideas up my sleeve for a new series.


Sophie Truong said...

I love how you use the shadow in this piece!

arounna said...

yes the shadow is an added element to the piece
I like how you incorporated the wood.

Kitty Kilian said...

I like the recurrent pattern of squares!


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