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This is my first week back full-time in the studio since mid-June, gasp! I was able to squeeze in a solid week here and there but it clearly wasn't enough. There is no time to waste! I've had several deadlines pop up suddenly, all good, but a tad confusing. One of my deadlines included preparing some print ready images of my foreclosure series. Seeing them all lined up made me realize how much more work I have left in this series to make. Which is a sad feeling in one respect but a good feeling knowing there is a focus in my work right now. And where am I going with the next piece?

Hmmm, perhaps the Deep South. I'm looking into the cotton growing/denim making regions of the US. The South has certainly had it's share of foreclosures. I'm orginally from the South, so it's been an interesting journey to see what has happened to the states I once called home which include Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. What will this quilt will look like? Here are some of my inspirations right now, Japanese boro.
Image from Sri Threads.
Image from Sri Threads.
Image from Sri Threads.
Image from Sri Threads.
Image from Sri Threads.

Lots of great ideas lurking from the past, just calling out to be reinterpreted. I love being in this place in the process. Not sure what's next but excited to experiment.


Ludid said...

i love that i can follow along with you in this time of experimentation.

montse llamas-artsandcats said...

I'm following you too!

Claire said...

Beautiful inspiration.

cynthia said...

I too am attracted to boro cloth and was inspired when I started my recent stitched piece. The mending stitches are so beautiful and hold a history of the garments. They are so innocent of their beauty. I too am from the South. Maybe it's in our blood...that connection to history, the land and making things by hand.
I can't wait to see how your piece unfolds!

Kitty kilian said...

The top one looks very promising!

Ludid said...

kathryn, have you see this? i think you might like it.


kathrynclark said...

So sweet, you guys and so much creativity among you all! @Ludid, wow, really amazing story. It reminds me of the Creative Whackpack I refer to every now and then to jolt my ideas forward. www.creativewhack.com

sophie said...

i am dying to see what you'll do with denim and the south. great direction! and the columbus piece looks really good, especially with those green spaces.
keep it up :)


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