work table : Atlanta Foreclosure Quilt

After many days of searching all over the Deep South for a location for my next foreclosure quilt, I honed in on Atlanta. When I was growing up, Atlanta was the only big city I knew. Living in north Florida, we would drive through Atlanta every year on our way to camp in the Great Smokey Mountains. We would always spend the night in Atlanta with family friends. I dreamed of moving there one day for art school. When I was nineteen, my husband and I did move to Atlanta ...  but stayed only three months. Then the recession hit, he lost his job there and we moved over to Alabama for three years. We spent many weekends driving back to visit for some big city culture and decent shopping.

I got it into my head to only use remnant fabrics on this piece. I kept thinking of the phrase "under water" with regard to mortages and blue seemed to be perfect choice to represent this. The darkest, bluest rectangles represent blocks with the most foreclosures. The lightest, the least.

I am handsewing the blocks again. I love using this thick string to represent the "roads" of dashed lines between the blocks. The string is also a remnant I found at our local artist resource center, SCRAP.

The ikat print fabric is from my friend Myrna, who gifted me a small pile of them from Confluence, this year's Surface Design conference. Thank you, Myrna! This really creates a bit of depth to the piece.

The backing of the piece will be my last remaining used hemp napkin from my Inhabit Project with Vanessa Filley. Stay tuned, this piece has to be finished by next week for the SOMArts gallery show that runs concurrently with San Francisco Open Studios. More details very soon about where and when I will have my open studio this year!


Ludid said...

i also lived in atlanta for 3 months and visited my sister often after that time.

i look forward to seeing the different stages of this quilt.

your work always pushes me to dig deeper and stretch beyond my comfort zone.

Anonymous said...

In the UK foreclosure is known as 'repossession', which I think adds another layer of meaning to your work. It's really good to know that you're piecing the blocks by hand - yet another layer of meaning.

Victoria said...

Looking forward to seeing this work evolve, and as always, truly appreciate the thoughtful meanings that go into your wonderful work.

k said...

Next WEEK! Wow, things are speeding up! Good luck!

kitty kilian said...

Next WEEK! Wow, things are speeding up! Good luck!

cynthia said...

Love the in progress photos! Thanks for sharing them with us!

sophie truong said...

looks like its going to be the most boroesque of all..

aracne said...

It is very interesting for me to read how you got inspired for this quilt and how you are executing it.
A very intriguing idea, maybe I should try reproducing the streets of Florence for my son who lives abroad...

Lari Washburn said...

I see that you also like the rush that only a deadline can bring! And married at 19! I knew we had lots in common. For me it was just a month before my 19th birthday.

kathrynclark said...

Thanks so much for the comments and feedback.
@Ludid, I'm so happy to hear my work affects you in this way. A true compliment. Thank you!
@stitchinglife - They used to call them repossessions here as well.
Ah, yes Sophie - it is boro, I just did it naturally and hadn't realized it!
@Lari, too funny! I do love a deadline, it keeps one motivated! Yes, married 2 months after turning 18 but it was the best decision I ever made!
@aracne - I would love to see the streets of Florence as art. That would be beautiful!


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