Two Interviews and a video

I was contacted last week by Jenny Doh of CRESCENDOh and Esther of DZine Trip to answer a few questions about my work. Two interviews in a week, a nice treat. Thanks Esther and Jenny!

Modesto Foreclosure Quilt, 2011. Kathryn Clark
Jenny asked some great questions about my path that lead me to becoming an artist. Its always nice to answer questions like those. Here a picture of my dad, who I think taught me all about balance in art. Thanks, dad!

Esther focused mainly on my foreclosure quilts and compared my work to some pretty heady artists. I would only ever hope to come close to their greatness!

The Third of May, 1808. Francisco Goya
Two more weeks before I'm back in the studio full time.  Here's a little video I made on our vacation in Sonoma last month. Every morning this Mockingbird would perch on a nearby tree and and sing at least twenty-four tunes. The most I've ever heard sung.

Things will be a bit slow here I suspect as we make full use of those last days of summer. I hope everyone else are enjoying themselves as well. Happy end of summer!


Lari Washburn said...

I loved the interview and post on your work. You deserve the press! I envy your focus. And I got to see more of your work, which is always good. Nice video too. I'm going to have to try that. Funny that you are writing about summer slipping away...I just did a post on that too. sigh.

kitty kilian said...

A great interview on Jenny Doh's blog, Kathryn! I love how she describes your minimalist style. Calming and soothing.. Btw doing the side stitch with you made me start using stitching on paper.. so it helped me a lot too.

lisa s said...

what a nice interview.... and i love that your family is so rooted in the art. and that you learned about warm/cool colors from your aunt's painting. so sweet !

cynthia said...

Congrats on the interviews! I just read them and enjoyed hearing about the inspiration behind the quilts.
You have inspired tonight me so I'm off to do more stitching!!


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