I couldn't resist a post about Marimekko today. I just returned from their new store inside of Crate & Barrel here in San Francisco. Zoe complained about being dragged through the store until we turned the corner and saw this.

Image courtesy of Dwell.
She was speechless by all the colors as was I. She kicked off her shoes and made herself at home on one of the beds so I had a few moments to shop in peace. I eye-shopped today but I would love this teapot. I'm just waiting for my current one to break first.

Rasymatto teapot.
You could always buy Marimekko here in the states but only a few pieces here and there. This year, they've opened up several areas inside of Crate & Barrel stores as well as a concept store in New York. You can find all of their products at the concept store including their clothing.

Aavikko Leggings.

Here's a little video about the company.

It was nice to finally feel the fabrics in my hand and see just how large the patterns really are.

The concept store is currently having a large sale with discounts on all their fabric as well, uh oh! Be sure to check out their website as well. Lots of eye candy there too.

UPDATE! I just learned that Marimekko will be increasing the prices of their fabric in January 2012 due to the rising cost of cotton and the worldwide cotton shortage. Just one example is regular cotton will go from $39.00 per yard to $48.00 per yard. A pretty high increase. Yikes!


kitty kilian said...

Oh, yes, they are my favorite store too! The entire collection is nowhere to be found around here. Lucky you!

Judy Martin said...

I love Marimekko as well.

I've been putting a large square of Marimekko fabric on the backs of my new work.

Lari Washburn said...

Lucky Ducky! It will be a long time until one of those hits Maine. I have always loved these designs...thanks for the alert.

Katrina said...

oh, i had no idea marimekko was putting shops inside of crate & barrel. so happy for the shopping tip! who wouldn't love those patterns? sigh.


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