Interview with Polly Leonard of Selvedge Magazine

I had the amazing opportunity a few weeks ago to interview Editor in Chief, Polly Leonard, of Selvedge Magazine for Handful of Salt.

Image courtesy of Selvedge Magazine.
I walked away from the phone interview full of ideas about the bigger picture of craft in the art world. Polly is one of those people who is able to stand back and see the big picture in the world of textiles.

Image courtesy of Selvedge Magazine.
A very inspiring person to talk to! And the latest copy of the magazine just arrived in my mailbox last week. Head on over to Handful of Salt to read the full interview.


Sweetpea said...

Kathryn, you are a WONDERFUL writer...what a good read. I've always enjoyed 'Selvedge" but will now enjoy it even more having glimpsed Miz Leonard's vision through you. Thank you!

blandina said...

I didn't know 'Selvedge', I ordered a back copy out of curiosity.
When I will be visiting my daughter in London I will certainly visit the shop as well.
Thank you for this post,you are really opening my eyes...in many ways!

claire said...

Great interview Kathryn! I must try to make to their winter fair this year.

Claire said...

I love Selvedge and I'm pretty sad that I can no longer afford my subscription. thanks for the interview!

kathrynclark said...

Blandina, you will love Selvedge and lucky you that you can see the store in person. Claire, I know it is expensive. I bet your local library might carry a copy, if not, you should try requesting it.

lisa s said...


Katrina said...

awesome, you! dream interview for sure. xoxo

Victoria said...

What a wonderful interview, Kathryn. Throughly enjoyable. When I read an issue of Selvedge I feel like I want to crawl inside the pages and roll around in them... they are that enticing! Such a beautiful treat for the senses. (And I also must read it with a pen and paper beside me... so many things to note and investigate further.)


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