Artist : Michele Michael of Elephant Ceramics

Short story: a stylist is on the hunt for nice ceramics. She doesn't find what she's looking for so she sets about making them herself. Enter Michele Michael and the birth of Elephant Ceramics.

I have yet to come across anything like Michele's work; it's simple, bold and sensual. The most powerful element has to be color with a capitol C. She clearly enjoys working with strong tones of teals and blues, using glazes as a loose gesture.

And then the absence of color becomes a powerful contrast to texture.

I love the way she seems to listen and respond to her craft. Now that I've worked a little in ceramics, I can see how she might have been inspired by the texture of the canvas when rolling out the slab.

Image by Jennifer Causey as part of The Makers Project.

The pieces play so well alongside textiles. I love how they're paired with Marimekko fabric here.

Her glazes are a loose gesture, she has an almost painterly approach to them. She simply lets nature do the hard work and goes with the result. At least that's what it looks like. I suspect it's much harder to achieve.

You can find Elephant Ceramics here. Jennifer Causey created a beautiful photo shoot of Michele at work in her studio as part of The Makers Project. And for a little house tour (who doesn't love peeking into artists' homes?), Remodelista featured her home here. Lovely.


Jesse Lu Bain said...

It's so funny... my ceramic teachers of the past always pipe up when I see her work. "Never leave the texture from the canvas!" "Always finish your edges!" But I like the rough around the edges quality of this work. With the free flowing glazework it feels very abstract expressionist and minimalist at the same time.

Victoria said...

I first saw her work on Pinterest, (maybe from you?!) and fell hard. Absolute perfection in beauty and spirit. Love.

Lari Washburn said...

What a treat! Love her work. How is your ceramic work going? I start back tomorrow!

Kathryn said...

It's amazing how such elegant work can be considered breaking the rules, but it's true about all those rules in the studio. Time to break them! @Lari, entering second week of class at a new studio which is so much better. Making six of everything and seeing where it all goes ...

Katrina said...

i cannot wait to see what comes of all this ceramic research for you. oh, i cannot wait to see your new work! hi you.

Christiana said...

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Pierre said...

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Really enjoyed seeing this artist's ceramics--elegant in a different way and distinctive. Just beautiful.
best, nadia


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