work table : landgrabbing series

I've had a few days between deadlines and thought I'd work on developing my new series a bit more. I like to spend a few hard core days working on a new idea, put it down for a week and then pick it up again once I figure out how to resolve certain issues.

This series will be on global landgrabbing. I won't get into the story behind it just now except to say that we are heading towards a global environmental disaster if we don't start regulating this now. The pieces will be larger in scale compared to the foreclosure quilts. Don't worry, I'm still making the quilts! But, there are some other issues popping up in the world that I can't ignore any longer.

There's a lot of research I've been doing on the series. Someone mentioned today that I seem to like to torture myself with all the data that I pour through. I was reading a sixty page data set just published by Grain, listing all of the land deals that have occurred since 2006. What a resource! I could hug them! I also spent some time reading through my books on fabric manipulation.

I spent some of the day researching and then some of it experimenting. I'm so glad I've saved even the tiniest scraps from my projects, they came in use today.

I had a few breakthroughs over the past few days that make me think I'm not wasting my time heading in the completely wrong direction.

I can't wait to get back into the studio tomorrow!


blandina (aracne) said...

A completely different direction doesn't mean that it is wrong.
Go, Lady, go!

kurt said...

i am so looking forward to the new series. you astound me with such meaningful creativity. the morsels of development that you share make it even more exciting. can't wait to see the finished product.

Connie Rose said...

Kathryn, what is that particular book (or two) that you've got photos from, about fabric manipulation? Would love to know. Thanks so much!

kathrynclark said...

Thanks, everyone! Connie, the book is here: http://www.amazon.com/Art-Manipulating-Fabric-Colette-Wolff/dp/0801984963 An amazing resource if you love to sew!

Lari Washburn said...

I really enjoy reading about your process. I love that you get in there no matter what. And what is that gorgeous book you are referencing?

Katrina said...

ah, i like your process. to really pour over the concepts and then let it sit for a week and come back. i haven't worked "big" in some time, but i like this process for when i go back to that kind of work. can't wait to see your next project emerge! xo.

Sophie Truong said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with, it sounds both fascinating and terrifying. and is that the Colette Wolff book or the Stitch Magic one? I've had both on my wishlist in amazon but can never decide which one to get. any input?

lisa s said...

your process is my process ;)

i adore research and facts AND breakthroughs...
can't wait to see more


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