Artist : Altoon Sultan

Ah, life has been busy my friends! It's always like this when I'm developing a new series, I have to focus my mind on the matter at hand, which means my blog has been neglected lately! But no more! I couldn't wait to share this artist's work with you. Altoon Sultan. What a beautiful name and what beautiful work.

Triangles and Bar, 2011 by Altoon Sultan. 10" x 10"
My friend, artist Bernadette Frank, a gifted artist in her own right, mentioned that I should acquant myself with her friend's textiles.

 Three of the Empty Center series, by Altoon Sultan.
Altoon lives in Vermont which happens to be my favorite state in the US. An artist who lives in Vermont has a certain aura about them, I think. An appreciation for beauty and nature yet a toughness to survive those harsh and isolating winters.

Nestled in Snow, 2012 by Altoon Sultan.
After a few moments of pouring through her textiles, paintings and photographs, I realized that Altoon has this appreciation in spades.

Black and White, 2012 by Altoon Sultan. 6 1/4" x 6 1/4" egg tempura
I first fell in love with her textiles but then I began to read her blog and discovered she was creative in so many ways. Her egg tempera paintings remind me of Charles Sheeler's work but with a softer, more elegant approach.

Six spider lines, window 2012 by Altoon Sultan.
She is one of those people who can see the beauty in the ordinary. Many people have this ability but there are far fewer who can capture it for the less inclined.

Resting, 2010 by Altoon Sultan. 10" x 15"
Hooked Rug 02 by Altoon Sultan.
Altoon has made many works, please go and marvel through her website and her blog. You won't be disappointed!


kim kruse - - - the sassy crafter said...

Altoon's work is so lovely. I've always been smitten with rug hooking, because I love how rich and textural it is. However, most examples of rug hooking are done in the primitive or folkloric style. I've always thought that rug hooking could be excecuted in a fresh and modern way, and Altoon's work proves it. Thank you for sharing!

Suzanna Scott said...

Thank you for introducing this artist! I'm fascinated....

Lari Washburn said...

What beautiful work! So sensitive and resolved. The palette is very subtle. Such a fresh application for rug hooking. It's so rejuvenating to be reminded that creative possibilities are endless. Thanks.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Hi Kathryn, another intruiging artist.Have to read more about her!


Morna said...

Wow! Wonderful work. I love hooked rugs when they are gorgeous, like these. Thank you for posting.


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