Artist : Jen Lee

I can't tell you the angst I feel that I can't find out more about Jen Lee and her work. As you know, beautiful images are fluttering around all over the internet, which is great except when you can't find where they came from and give them their proper credit.

Jen Lee, 2011. Image from ArtBlogArtBlog.
 I discovered her work through Pinterest via Maria Bohlin. After a few dead ends and lots of "Jen Lee, artist" searches on Google I came up empty-handed. I'm not alone in that thought, I found a great comment along the same lines just below this piece over at Crude Vessels.

Jen Lee, 2011. Image from Crude Vessels
But I just had to share Jen's stunningly, ethereal work with you anyway in the hopes that someone out there can tell us more and lead us to find her. So if you know anything, please comment below and I'll update the post.

Jen Lee, 2011. Image from ArtBlogArtBlog.

These pieces make one realize that ALL paintings on canvas are just textiles! We forget this once they are wrapped around wood frames. The geometry calls attention to it as well as the obvious fact that they aren't framed (gallery owners across the country would shudder at that thought). Not to mention the pieces celebrate the rawness of the canvas: the texture and color are brought forth.

Jen Lee, 2011. Image from ArtBlogArtBlog.
I know, I know. Calm down, you say. I'm getting all esoteric on you. But really, for something so simple, they are really powerful pieces. Are they not? In the meantime, just enjoy these images. And Jen, if you're out there, let us know where to find you!


Jennifer said...

Very powerful pieces. The simplicity is exquisite. Good luck in your search for more info on Jen Lee.

Lari Washburn said...

Love these. I like what you say about canvas being just textiles...penny drops....that's why I fell so kindred to all you fiber artists!

Lorie McCown said...

I really like these too, I'll keep my eyes peeled for more info. I love Pinterest, but it does play a little like the telephone game, as the images get repinned, you loose the original link. Love your work too.

Abigail Thomas said...

\found your website while trying to trace Jen Lee back to something with more info! I can see its a struggle"! nice to happen upon your blog in the process though.

Mairi said...

I think the Jen Lee you are looking for may be able to be reached through these sites.......



The second site listed has an e-mail address you can send to, to find out if she is the one who actually made these works.....my guess, it is the same person. Hope this helps you.
GOD Bless,

ntilla said...

Kathryn: I'm still looking. ArtblogArtBlog is the earliest posting I've found, and the images got Tumblrd from there. J. Abelow usually provides more info for his posts. 2011 was the year of Tsunami Art Benefits, which were hastily curated and not documented afterwards. These are small works, so I've also combed through group installation shots and studio visits. I'm fairly certain that Mairi's Jen Lee is not the artist. The aesthetics are not similar. But, I haven't ruled out a Jim Lee (typo) completely yet.


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