Artist : Doug Johnston

Doug Johnston is definitely someone whose work hovers between art and craft. I first learned of his sash cord series when it was featured last week on Remodelista.

Doug Johnston vessels. Photo by Michael Popps

I succumbed immediately and bought the "200" bag. The bags and totes are made to order but they look like they will be worth the wait. His website explains the technique used to make the pieces, which is based on ancient ceramic coiled pots and basketry.

The 200 by Doug Johnston. Photo by Michael Popps.

This is also an example of what a great photographer can do for your work. I come from a family of photographers so I had to slip that little plug in there! A little humor doesn't hurt either.

The Dunce Bag by Doug Johnston. Photo by Michael Popps.

This series is just the latest in a long line of Doug's creative projects that branch out into music as well. Here's a more artistic take on the sash cord series, called rumpleskillskid. The vessels are large enough to fit a person inside.

sash cord series with rumpleskillskid by Doug Johnston. Photo by Michael Popps.

Be sure to check out his website to see other creative ideas he has. And, of course, his shop can be found here.

Photo by Michael Popp

And I'll leave you with a little peek into his studio in Brooklyn, NY.


KBPortraits said...

Is that clay or yarn/fabric??? I cant tell!! These are super cool regardless, I'm jut wondering how he pulls off the clay coil look on a purse??

Lari Washburn said...

Sash cord! Ingenious. You do find the most interesting things. I like those tall sculptures quite a bit. The colors are nice too.

Rayela Art said...

These are stunning! I have a book on how to make them, but I know my attempts would just look squashed!

Katrina said...

lovely, lovely, lovely. all of it.

Victoria said...

These are beautiful. Another wonderful find!


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