Artist : Robert Irwin

What is Art? This is a question Robert Irwin raises and is one of the few artists to answer it well. It's as simple as how we perceive the world.

I first learned of Irwin twenty odd years ago when I picked up Lawrence Weschler's book about him "Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees." The title caught me at an art museum bookstore. Five minutes into reading it, I was hooked. I had no idea what Irwin's work looked like but I admired this artist instantly. I've read the book over ten times and return to it whenever I have doubts about what I do. And now I've found this great interview with Irwin. It's long but well worth it. Grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy!


You can find a newly released edition of Weschler's book here. See more of Irwin's work here.


Sonya Philip said...

Thanks for sharing, I hadn't heard of Robert Irwin before. So much great stuff in the video, I can't wait to get a copy of his book. I really love that very soaring conceptual art, it's so funny because of how different it is from my work and most of the work I'm instinctively attracted to. But the mastery of occupying a large space and breaking it down to the basics of simply perception, just so appeals.

kitty kilian said...

Hm... You know I always comment on anything you write, but may be I'd better pass this time ;-)

I did like that Phoenix garden..

kathrynclark said...

So glad to have introduced a wonderful artist to you, Sonya! Kitty, I think you would have to read the book to really appreciate his work. But yes, we do have those conversations about art being too lofty. He's one of the one's that actually makes sense!


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