Foreclosure : more assembling ...

And it continues ... I thought I'd share some photos of a day in my studio today. I love it when things start to come together in a big way (in the literal sense today).

I finalized the quilt top piecing this morning. I love the underbelly of the fabric seen above. And then the sun came out and I saw all the amazing little shadows come to life. This one looks like a mountain range to me.

I just discovered this amazing Chaco liner chalk 'pen' last week that has made my life in the studio SO much easier! Have you used these before? A complete lifesaver for chalking long lines and curves as well.

This red inner layer fabric runs only 42" wide so I had to piece together this as well since my quilt width is 48", argh. However, this was much easier to sew than the wool scrim.

I'm so glad I set up this 4x8 work table last year, it's been perfect for piecing together the quilt. Now a quick look with the top layer to make sure I'm on the right track.

At the moment, the quilt is 80" long but it will shrink a little once I trim and bind it. Now onto the final quilt back. That will be tomorrow's project and hopefully by week's end, I'll be stitching those layers together. I'm running the risk of leaving this lying on my table since my cat is notorius for vomiting on all my fabrics that I leave lying out ... hmmm maybe I'll roll it up for the night just to be safe.


Sophie Truong said...

Your pictures come out great, love the shadows.. can't wait to see it finished

Kitty Kilian said...

Go Kathryn! I am thrilled to see you use that beautiful red!!

Inklore said...

i always love the belly of quilt tops too. and where did you get that chalk pen?! i need one of those.

Victoria said...

great shadow photo, and very intrigued to see how this will be quilted!


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