Artisan : Mariem Besbes

I suppose I have to create a new category when talking about the textile designer, Mariem Besbes. While flipping through an old Marie Claire Maison from 2007, I rediscovered her work. I think I bought the magazine because of the amazing images and now three years later, here I was working with what I think is her wool gauze. She weaves the most incredibly beautiful fabric and the colors offered are stunningly rich. 

Image from Rue de L ......
According to her website, the openwork weaving, originally called Peplos in Greek, was originally worn as a seamless garment. She decided to learn the ancient art, bringing in her own style and sense of color. And all of those incredible colors are ground by her own hands.

Image from Rue de L .....
A weaver in Tunisia, Mariem learned her grandfather had made this cloth before turning to silk weaving in 1910. She decided to go back to her family roots. I have no idea if the wool gauze I'm using in my new series is the same, I hope so. I would love to see those other colors in person, I bet they're even more beautiful. See her website here for more detailed photos. You can find her cloth easily in Europe, not so easily here in the States.


jessus said...

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Victoria said...

I am wiping the drool off my keyboard as I type.
Utterly beautiful.
Thank you for sharing, yet again, another wonderful find!

jessus said...

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Alicia said...

I have this magazine too! I remember the article about her.


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