SWEET SPOTS ... inspired by Good Measure blog

I've just discovered a new blog which I want to share. Good Measure is a lifestyle blog written by the artist behind Inklore. Inklore's block print items are so beautiful and simple. Her blog this week talked about 'sweet spots'. Spots around your home that inspire you and bring you joy. Here are some of mine:

The top of my studio bookcase where I keep all my small tools, thread and string for my pieces. This is one of the first places I go when I start a new piece. The wood box holds scrap fabrics.


The sewing and drawing area of my table. I have an amazing view to the garden and my work wall from here. This is where I do all of my hand embroidery and detail work on my pieces.

My inspiration area of my work wall. Every sewn remnant and other leftoever bits of discarded parts of pieces end up here, ready to be reused for the next piece.


Liz said...

Love the sweet spots in your studio Kathryn, really really beautiful (now a view out the window please?) Your studio feels so serene and lovely... am so looking forward to cleaning mine up when this round of painting is done!

anastasia said...

i like this concept of a remnant wall; i usually put my remnants in size organized bags and then into a drawer. but this idea gives them a chance to be seen. very neat!

Audrey said...

What a beautiful studio space you have. The neutrals and the wood tones are gorgeous. It looks like a place that would be very conducive for creating.


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