The process of making ... part I

Making my work in the Idiom series can be a tedious process that involves lots of patience and forethought. I suppose I like it this way, perhaps because I did so poorly in math growing up, I enjoy a little daily punishment with all the measuring. The rule with sewing is "measure twice, cut once". You never go wrong with that advice. The piece I'm working on currently is called "Water under the bridge".

It's an obvious layout when you hear it, at least to me. The idea came right into my head. I always do a quick sketch to help visualize it. I'll add measurements later but my basic dimensions for this series are 12x16 inches.

After I have a general idea of how I want it to lay out, I dig through my remnant bin for mock up fabrics until I find what interests me.

I found an beautiful twine 'ribbon' at a discount fabric store for a steal. High end Satin Moon Fabrics in San Francisco sells it for twice as much. It reminds me of a plan view of a bridge. I also love using my ecru linen and well, the color for water, is obvious.

I cut out the fabric based on the sketch and lay it out, adding another side view of a bridge but in steel bailing wire with a little bit of orange in the 'sky' to represent sunset or sun. The embroidery thread will come into the water later as abstract 'reflection'. Most of my pieces are very abstract, so this is a more literal take on the idiom than usual.

Once I've laid out the design, I begin sewing and assembling the linen base.


Almost done with the base ...

Part II will continue shortly. All the details added on top of the linen are what take the most time but there's something about the sewing that I love. It's always a surprise to see how it turns out, no matter how much I've visualized it in my head.

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Kitty Kilian said...

Ow yes i love how you share this process Kathryn!


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