In the new studio

Having a new studio has been a bit liberating, giving me the freedom to play a bit. 

Somehow I always end up starting with quilt blocks. But this time, the
blocks inspired a completely new series that is not a quilt.
The freedom has brought new ideas, including what I think(hope!) will be a good series. Yes, it's fiber. I'm so in love with the medium.

It started with the desire to make a few pieces of clothing that I actually liked this summer, just a little breather from the deeply conceptual work I've been making over the past two years. Anyone else disgusted with the cheap clothing available in stores? And when I do find clothes I love, they cost a fortune, in the $300+ range. Which makes sense, since they're all handmade. So why couldn't I just make my own? I know how to sew. It also doesn't hurt to have a friend, Sonya Philip, who practices this mantra every day.

I started with the most simple pattern there is. Perfect for the hot summer days we've been having in Sonoma.

Once I hung the clothes on the wall, they no longer looked like clothing but more like soft sculpture. Hmmm, the ideas started flowing. In the interim, more peach preserving happening here, I think a total harvest of 70 pounds this year!


Ersi Marina Samara said...

Hmm, fabric sculptures/installations can also become a great escape towards new horizons. I'm curious to see what you'll come up with in your new studio!

kathrynclark said...

I agree, Ersi! More coming soon!

blandina said...

I have the same feelings as you, I sew most of my clothing since I became a lot fussier with good quality fabric.
Congratulations for the new studio!

Lari Washburn said...

New studio? Sounds fun. I wish I had more space. I crave being able to work on larger canvas, but I am already squeezed in tight!

kathrynclark said...

@Lari, we have a teeny, tiny little building behind our cottage in Sonoma. Like, 400 square feet including a bathroom and kitchen. It's squeezy tight but somehow we manage to work in that, right?!


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