Kyoto : Part II

Oh my, it feels like yesterday that I shared part I of my Kyoto images. Let's just say since I've been home, I've been insanely busy. I think we all seem to wish there was an extra day in the week right now. I'll explain soon what I'm working on. Yes, there's been a lot of studio time and a lot of progress but have been too busy to actually photograph the progress! So for now, more photos from the Japan trip!

Of course, we visit the Golden Pavilion. My daughter couldn't wait to see this one. When we told her there was a Silver Pavilion across town but forgot to mention there was no silver on the building, she insisted on seeing it only to exclaim "Where's the silver?! I came all the way here and there's no silver?!"

And of course the cherry trees were in full bloom here and there in Kyoto.

We took a stroll down the Philosopher's Walk. Last time we took this walk, it was in the fall which was just as spectacular.

At the end of the walk and after a wonderful warm bowl of yodufu in broth, we took a wrong turn and discovered a small group of shrines all with little porcelain cups that stood out against the stone.

We toured a quiet little garden that the crowds seemed to ignore. Fine by us - the crowds were getting to us.

I thought the incense ashes were beautiful. Call me crazy.

And then a visit to Rozan-ji temple in the center of Kyoto.  So many cherry trees in full bloom there.

I loved the red text and red fabric here.

I've always loved seeing the stacked sake barrels. I'm still not sure what that signifies but I think it's beautiful.

And as usual, I find beauty in strange things. No one could understand why I wanted to take a picture of this old stone writing. I love how nature intervenes.

And we saw a lot of dogs. This one was one of the largest we saw on the trip, which looked huge to us after seeing so many the size of your hand! I love how he pops his head out of the bars. Notice how his owner has so lovingly removed one bar, just for him?

Next comes Tokyo!


Jenny M said...

Thank you for sharing your photos of Kyoto...they brought back lovely memories of our visit there a few years ago.

Peapod Journal said...

Z's disappointment with the silver Pavilion made me laugh :-) Sorry, Z. But, it is a familiar story. I thought it was silver too when I was a kid.

claire said...

it looks gorgeous, and great photos, love seeing what catches you eye. makes me want to go to Japan even more than I did before!

Lisa Solomon said...

you are taking me back.
the "silver" pavillon is one of my favs.

kathrynclark said...

Glad all of you enjoyed the pics. I loved taking them! Such an amazing place!

Lindsay said...

I love seeing your photos! What a great eye. Glad you are back home safely.

Masa said...

Nice pic of a dog!!


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