work table : part one

I knew the first half of 2013 would be insanely busy and so far, it's rung very true. It's all good, it's just time management is not one of my strong points these days. I used to be a project manager for a 5,000 acre development and somehow it seemed effortless. I guess  calling yourself an 'artist' allows you to read a calendar more casually. So, what have I been up to?

Part one, the Land Grab Series ... I'm furiously working on the this series/installation. It's like pieces to a puzzle which hasn't been assembled yet except in my head. But here's some little tidbits. I'm making a series of white porcelain plates that will be part of a table setting or wall display. The plates depict actual farmland that has been land grabbed in various countries. These farms are so huge they're broken into these exact pieces by either rivers or man made roads. The blue is a map of the country that bleeds onto a table runner below. Pick up a plate, you've taken some land.

Upper left, Brazil. Upper right, Cambodia. Lower left, Cameroon.
These are sketches of how they'll be presented on a dark blue table runner which can also act as a wall panel. Lots of little white seed stitches ahead of me with the runners. And it will tie into the floor installations as well at some point. It's happening, just slowly! The plates are shaping up nicely and quickly, now that I understand the medium a little better. Of course they've just been bisque fired so you'll have to wait to see the finished product but here's a small scale test run I made in December.

A few Brazil plates in the making.
Here's my 'inspiration board' to give you an idea of the overall mood of the series. Yes, those are Paula Greif's charming little spoons in the upper left.

Since I've banned my computer in my studio, I had to print the images out for reference. To see them for yourself with wonderful links back to their makers, check out my Pinterest board "At the table ...". Part two is next and it's all about the Foreclosure quilts.


Kristin L said...

Thank you for sharing your process on this project. I think i can see where you are going and I really like it. So thoughtful, so meaningful, and so pretty (the better to draw the viewer in!).

Victoria said...

Fascination... just love seeing process. And the broken pieces you have made are so intriguing, even in their unfinished state.

Lari Washburn said...

So interesting. And how organized and methodical you are in figuring out what you want to say and how. I think this is going to be a fascinating project for all of us. And why did you ban your computer from the studio? I'm so aware of how much time I spend "looking" rather than "doing", so I think I understand, but I'm curious to know your reasoning.

kathrynclark said...

Thanks all for the support. Lari, yes, looking rather than doing was the reason for the ban. Avoiding email and worrying about writing deadlines is a great way to kill my creativity. Plus, I could spend days and day reading articles about landgrabbing rather than just making the work. That's coming up in part III, 'the research and everything else'!


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