Studio Pepe Heykoop at Handful of Salt

I've got another article over at Handful of Salt. It touches on Dutch designer, Pepe Heykoop's creative leather pieces.

Matka Vases by Studio Pepe Heykoop. Image courtesy of Annemarijne Bax
There's something about those Dutch. I would love to know how they are taught because some of the most creative design in the world is coming out of that country. Hmmm, a trip next year perhaps? Head on over to Handful of Salt for the article.


Ellen Vesters said...

Is it our craftmanship, our inventive entrepeneurship, our bad weather that makes us stay inside more?
Come over and research! ;)

Lari Washburn said...

I would love to know their secret too! I had the pleasure of visiting Amsterdam with a friend whose good friend hosted us and showed us the most remarkable time! I got to know and love their kindness, interest in life and directness! Very refreshing.


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