Artist : Vicki Grima

Once again, Lari Washburn and Sophie Truong have spotted an artisan who I also admire. I came across Vicki Grima's 87 spoons project on Sophie's Pinterest board, spoon obsession. I, too, have an obsession with spoons, and Vicki's certainly push the envelope.

Vicki Grima, 87 Spoons, 2011. Cool Ice

It all began with a Culinary Clay workshop she attended in Bali in 2010. Returning to her native Australia, she continued exploring the subject in her own studio.

Vicki Grima, 87 Spoons, 2011. Cool Ice spoon BRT bowl

These are gorgeous, especially the ones that are paired with the contrasting textured bowls.

Vicki Grima, 87 Spoons, 2011. Cool Ice spoon BRT bowl

Functional sculpture is what these are. They almost look like something you would find lying in the bottom of the ocean in the rough brown sand.

Vicki Grima, 87 Spoons, 2011. Cool Ice spoon BRT bowl
See more of Vicki's 87 Spoons series and her other work on her website. If you head over to Lari and Sophie's websites, you'll see their own work with spoons over the past few weeks at Ingrid Bathe's workshop in Maine. I SO wish I could have been there working alongside them.


Sophie Truong said...

it would have been great to have you! lovely post as usual!

Lari Washburn said...

Boy that would have been fun to have you with us! I love the idea of "culinary clay". What a fresh perspective that gives me. There is something about spoons that is primal and organic. And also, Pinterest...I don't even know what to say about it...both a blessing and a huge temptation to spend time looking rather than doing. Not a good plan in my already overly stretched summer schedule. But then you know all about gardening now!!!

lisa s said...

me likey.
and i want to hang out w/ everyone too !!

india flint said...

hey thanks for swinging by - am having quiet time in SF before teaching in SoCal. there may be a class in Point Reyes next year but so far i've kept a low profile in my favourite city :)

-- the work you show in this post is just beautiful.


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