Artist : Paula Greif

What better way to kick off a ceramics binge on my blog than my featuring Paula Greif's work. It was Greif's story behind her ceramics that instantly drew me into her work.

Photo by Anita Calero and Gemma Comas.
She was simply inspired to make everything she uses in her home by hand after reading a book about Alexander Calder, who did the same. Why not?

Pottery Paula made for her home in 2011. Photo by Paula Greif.
And that's exactly what she set out to do. Nothing like a mission to light a fire under your pants. That's kind of how I'm feeling these days so I can really relate to that kind of passion.

Paula's pottery on her kitchen shelves. 
Photo bAnita Calero and Gemma Comas.
Lots and lots of making, producing, experimenting, trying things out, messing around and having fun. Art should be all that, right? Paula's got it in spades.

Photo by Paula Greif.
I love these rows of spoons. So many ideas being developed here. I love the looseness and confidence in exploring.

Photo by Paula Greif.
And it all ends up on the table. I'm obsessed lately with table settings as I work on formulating this new series on industrial agriculture. How to present the work? So many directions to follow. The answer will become clearer with time and my own exploration.

Photo by Anita Calero and Gemma Comas.
In the meantime, I started my clay class this week and had a great time. I learned a tremendous amount from the teacher (who is Japanese, love that) and was surrounded by a lot of talented students. Soon, I'll have something of my own work to show you! In the meantime, enjoy more of Paula's work on her website, her tumbler page which has lots of images of her work and a feature on Remodelista.


Sophie Truong said...

love her work! discovered her last month at Beautiful Dreamers in Brooklyn and got one of her spoons that has holes in it. Can't wait to see what you do.

Sonya Philip said...

I can't wait to see what you make and I am in love with Paula Greif's work and the concept behind it. Thank you for, yet again, introducing me to a new (to me) artist!

Makiko Hastings said...

I love her work too and am a big admirer. Looking forward to seeing your new work too! x m

Lari Washburn said...

I love her work too. Great post! And yippee, you started your class. What clay are you using?

Kathrin said...

I wasn't familiar with her work and I'm in awe. Love the idea of limited designs and then moving on. I'm also very very curious to see how you integrate clay into your new work.


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