Lisa Solomon : Migratory Patterns

My friend Lisa Solomon currently has an incredible solo show at Walter Maciel Gallery in LA called Migratory Patterns. I paid a little visit to Lisa's studio a few months ago and was able to see the work in progress. Amazing.

danne san [husband], 2012 by Lisa Solomon
graphite, acrylic, colored pencil, felt, pins, machine stitching on paper and duralar
20 ½ x 28 ¼ inches framed
Like me, Lisa thinks every element through. Every string, every stitch must have a purpose in her work. Seeing all the pieces together in these photos makes it even more compelling than just the beautiful snippits I saw on her studio wall.

All of these works relate to each other and this is the first time she says she has been able to combine the personal with the political in her work. The pieces describe her family's migration from Japan and throughout the US. But they also show Fukishima radiation's migratory patterns. The timing and the personal connection to the crisis makes perfect sense that it should turn up in her work. We had a great conversation about Fukishima. I had wanted to address it somehow in my own work but couldn't find a way to make it successful in what I was doing at the time. She's succeeded here.

Installlation view at Walter Maciel Gallery.
Head over to Lisa's incredibly thought provoking blog to see Part I of the photos of her show. Details of the show can be found at Walter Maciel Gallery. The show runs through May 26th. If you're near, be sure to check it out!


ronnie said...

I've admired lisa's work (from afar) for ages - but had no idea she had a blog (how can this be? face palm) so thanks for sharing her latest offering (delightful... if you can say that about radiation patterns...) and her blog site

lisa s said...

aw. you are making me blush.
mutual admiration...

thanks for the kind words my friend. hope to see you soon !

Lari Washburn said...

I admire Lisa's work very much. The care and sensitivity of the ideas and stitching are appealing to me. I've rarely done any kind of statement in my work, preferring to simply provide an aesthetic experience. But I am so glad artists like you Kathryn, and Lisa address important issues we should all think about in your work. I think it really moves us along in this world. I dearly wish I could see this show in person!

Kate said...

Thank you for the introduction to Lisa's work (and blog). Goodness, I'm envious of your garden work too! Rains are so heavy here we're so far behind.

Christine said...

I have been a secret admirer as well of both Lisa and Kathryn's work. Bravo. Swoon with delight over the map! Christine Mauersberger

Katrina said...

oh, perfect. i just came from lisa's blog to yours. love the connection. and love that you showed us this peek into lisa's show. love, love.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Interesting,Kathryn! Thanks for showing.


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