Uppercase Journal and a view of my work table

I mentioned last month that the latest issue of Uppercase Journal would include my work. I'd been hearing everyone ooh and aah over their copies in the last week. I swear I had subscribed but perhaps I was dreaming. Finally, impatient enough, I walked around in downtown San Francisco one morning searching for a place that carried them. I gave up, went home and realized later that Anthropologie had them the whole time. How did I get my copy? My friend Myrna heard my angst and gave it to me as a present last Friday when I went to her studio. So sweet of her! My friend Claire Brewster's work is also featured. Be sure to grab a copy, now at Anthropologie!

I realized it's due time for another work table posting. It's been so busy around here that when I could finally photograph my latest finished quilt, Phoenix, I missed my chance. Frankly I can't complain, it's been sunny and summery here in San Francisco. I need a dry, cloudy day to photograph outside. It will happen soon! In the meantime, here's my work table (with a tiny sneak peek of Phoenix in red on the wall).

I became downright angry Thursday night. Angry because, still, little is being done about foreclosures. Yes, Obama did unveil his new mortgage task force last week but really, what he did before did little to stem the crisis. I actually pulled out my marremekko fabrics with the thought of making a 'scream in your face' quilt full of bright colors next to deep, dark blacks. It ended up looking a little scary and realized I needed to calm down. What I needed to make was a real scrap quilt.  To go back to those original depression era quilts that inspired me. I yanked out all of my depressing blue and grey remnants and started to make one.

This will be the inner sandwich piece of the next quilt. Which I'm thinking will be Riverside, California. I discovered just one of many blocks where pretty much all of the 64 lots had been foreclosed on in the past three years. It's downright depressing.

A lot of this inner sandwich will be exposed on this quilt. I'm randomly placing the pieces together and I'm still not sure what the top layer will be. It will likely become obvious once this panel is finished. I plan to spend my weekend gardening, thinking positive thoughts!


Jen Appel said...

So fabulous that your work is getting mention - it is worth sharing! Now others can discover it as well!!

stitchinglife said...

I have this issue too and am enjoying it very much. Congratulations on your feature. Always good to see your work in progress.

kurt said...

congrats on your inclusion in uppercase. it's a swell magazine. i'm loving your marimekko ideas for your quilts, maybe at the turn around (soon i hope!)phase two versions of your original quilts with the foreclosures re-purchased and coming back to life are bursting with marimekko prints through the cut foreclosed properties.

Jess said...

I've been meaning to go pick up this issue! So glad to see your work showcased because it is always gorgeous and inspiring.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Dear Kathryn,congratulations about your work mentioned in Uppercase.
You deserve it,it's for your work and your engagement to foreclosure items.

xx Ingrid

kathrynclark said...

Thanks everyone for your support!

Katrina said...

hooray for you & uppercase! and i can't wait to see your next quilt. and angry colors--yes, of course.

Lari Washburn said...

Your work looks wonderful in Uppercase Kathryn! And yes, it is so sad that we can't get this thing figured out in this country. I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about all the jobs going offshore...wondering how I can support the US economy better with what I buy, while still acknowledging the need for a better world economy. So complicated. You are doing a wonderful job of raising our awareness.

Sophie Truong said...

i think these colors are actually beautiful.. but point taken on this ongoing crisis. you should send one to obama ..

Victoria said...

First off, another congrats on being featured in Uppercase! I have looked in vain, so I am happy to hear that Anthropologie carries it. (I really need to just bite the bullet, splurge a bit, and order a subscription to this magazine and to Selvedge.)

As for the continuing crisis, I don't blame you for wanting to scream. We have not seen the change that we were promised and it is frustrating as hell. Hopefully Kurt's comment will one day come true and you will be able to make quilts showing the turn around and rebirth of all that has currently been lost.

And I so love seeing your process spread out on your work table. That is always the most exciting thing to me. xo


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