Noticed: Fog Linen Work on Handful of Salt

I've got another article over at the amazing Handful of Salt. I just can't get enough Fog Linen Work. Head on over and check it out.

Image courtesy of Fog Linen Work
Also, while you're there, check out the Handful of Salt holiday guide for some quality gift ideas. It's the best guide of quality craft I've seen!


Sophie Truong said...

Love it too! can never have too much linen.. my boyfriend calls it a sickness.. or says I'm a linen addict :) but what's not to like?!

We were so ready to go see the fog linen shop in Tokyo last March - oh well, next time.

She has such great simple taste.

Victoria said...

Adore fog linen. I regularly visit the site for a visual and soulful pic me up... it always does the trick.

And kudos on another great article!

Katrina said...

i love fog linen. so so pretty. (hi you. creeping back into blog land, oh so slowly.)


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