Artist : Agnes Martin

Okay, I know most of you are well aware of Agnes Martin's work by now. If not, you're in for a treat. Well, if you're willing to be open.

On a Clear Day, 1964 by Anges Martin. Image courtesy of Peter Blum Gallery

Her work and philosophy seems to appeal to very few for some reason. She is on my top five list of artists who really inspire me. Her dedication to her craft was intense and persistent.

Untitled, 1962 by Anges Martin. Image courtesy of Zwirner & Wirth
When I feel I'm in a slump, I pick up my book of her writings and open it randomly for some inspiration and for a good, practical slap in the face. What you walk away with is the encouragement to just go out there and make your work.

Untitled, 1960 by Anges Martin. Image courtesy of Zwirner & Wirth
Don't worry what others think, just make what you have to, what's calling to be made. You will find your voice this way. It's so easily said, so hard to realize, and so true. Thanks, Agnes.

Detail of one of Anges Martin's paintings. Image courtesy of Spencer Alley
I do recommend the book Agnes Martin : Writings but as I write this I'm in shock by how hard it is to find this book and how expensive it is when you find it. Okay, I'll take better care of my copy now! But while you wait to track it down, here's some instant gratification. An in-depth interview with her about her own work.

See more of her paintings at Zwirner & Wirth Gallery and some of her drawings at Peter Blum Gallery.


sophie said...

and of course.. I love Agnes Martin too! didn't care that much for the book though - from what I recall she writes as she thinks and it can be a bit tideous but she has still some great insights (!).
All the best,

Connie Rose said...

Just Do It -- what else is there to say!

Judy Martin said...

I do own that book and am reading it for the third time. I find it very very inspiring, and very encouraging.

I remember a few things just off the top of my head. Most are about artists needing to have solitude.

And about the Chinese vase. What is NOT there is what makes it great art after 20,000 years. Stuff like that.

Yes, I am an Agnes Martin fan. Thanks for the video.

Victoria said...

She's one of my favs, too. Have not been able to secure an affordable copy of her book, but I do view that video clip from time to time when I need a point in the right direction. I am enthralled at how she was so unencumbered by thoughts.

Lari Washburn said...

well thanks! I needed that.

Kitty kilian said...

Never heard of her.. Love the two upper pieces! The black one looks a bit Japanese. I will read her book when I visit you ;-)

jude said...

i have the book but the interview is just grand. thank you.

Jesse Lu Bain said...

Love her, love that video, love her work.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Aha, I've never heard of her but I'm very interested now!And yes, it's easily said..don't worry what others think :)


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