Interviewed by The Bread Quilt

I discovered an amazing blog a few weeks back that is pure eye candy, The Bread Quilt.

I was pleasantly surprised to find my Cape Coral Boro featured one day last month. Then this week, the creator, Tom Moglu contacted me to ask me a few questions about my work. He is expanding the blog to include interviews and I was one of the lucky firsts to be included. You can read the interview here.

Tom Moglu is also a collage artist. We share a similar aesthetic so you can understand why I would love looking at his work and seeing what inspires him.

Nairi, 2011. Collage on card 180 x 180 mm. By Tom Moglu

He is starting to work with fiber and I'm betting it's going to be incredible work so stay tuned. You can see more of Tom's collage work here.


Kitty Kilian said...

Hey K, This is great! Great interview, beautiful blog! The only drawback being that I can hardly read it.. the type is soooo small.. ugh! Frustrated!

kikiclark said...

ha, yes, is it that we're old or the young just use bigger screens! If you have a PC hit ctrl + to make the text bigger :-)

Lari Washburn said...

Kathryn, that was a fascinating interview. I do so wish you lived down the block from me! And I love Tom's collages. This is why I am so grateful foe technology...much as I sometimes curse it. Thanks.

claire said...

lovely interview Kathryn, its good to hear more about how you work. Don't worry being young is a state of mind 40's just a number, I've never been happier since I passed that milestone.

Sophie Truong said...

great interview, thanks for sharing (again). Soooo... did we just miss a big birthday??!! hope you you did/do something special - and that you got that other linen tunic..:)

Kitty Kilian said...

That nice fellow emailed the entire interview to me! Something wrong with his webprogram. So now I've read it. I can picture you going over these maps.. So sorry to read about your mom.. And 30 hours a week in the studio? That is amazing with a young kid at home!

kathrynclark said...

Ooh, thanks for reminding about that tunic, Sophie! Yep, a big b-day, not a super big one .. ten more years! Kitty, that was sweet of him! 30 hours isn't enough either!

Ludid said...

great interview indeed. i especially liked what you shared about your creative process and urban planning.

montse llamas-artsandcats said...

Great interview!

Listening to other's point of view about art, helps me to go on working. Loneliness is good for working, but one sometimes need to share thoughts and feel that there's people outside with a similar atitude about art.

Thank you for sharing it!


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